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TIRAMOLLA - Martellocartoon

Tiramolla first appeared in 1952 as an italian strip cartoons character: it was created by Roberto Renzi and designed by Giorgio Rebuffi.
Its adventures began in August 1952 beside the characters Cucciolo and Beppe in the number 8 of monthly Cucciolo, published by Alpe.
Tiramolla is able to lengthen whenever it wants and to
change into everything: it is one of its singular characteristics, because when it was young, Tiramolla fell into a rubber container!
Always with a top-hat, it likes having a rest on its comfortable bed and hates to be disturbed.
Hot tempered, intractable but fundamentally good, it’s always ready to intervene in somebody’s defence, fighting the arrogance and the vexations.
Thanks to the character’s success, the newspaper strip cartoon
Tiramolla made its debut in July 1953.
Umberto Manfrin (Manberto) took the placeof Giorgio Rebuffi that chose thejournalistic career: he created newcharacters beside “Tiramolla”, like Ullaò the small dog, Saetta the butler, Caucciù thenephew and many others.
At that time, many “Tiramolla”’s book-covers realized by
Egidio Gherlizza (Serafino’s creator) have made a name for themselves in the animated shorts.
At the end of 1980s, newspaper cartoon strip “Tiramolla” disappeared; during the 1990s it reappeared, published by
Vallardi and completely renewed thanks to a custom in a modern way.
The new “Tiramolla” doesn’t obviously expect to be confronted with the original (there is no comparison between them!), but it permitted to remember one of the most loved and known character in the italian comic strips.

So, look at this greek forum where people talk about our rubbery and mythical character!

- Translation by Carlo Cianci -


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